WordPress Themes, Database Cleanup and More

WordPressWhile working on a WordPress project, you may want to consider how to enhance your WordPress them, clean up your database and review your site before launching it. I found 4 articles that can help you make your WordPress site super.


WordPress themes allow you to customize and make your WordPress site unique. When you first considering building a WordPress website, you have two choices: build your own theme or choose a pre-made one. A pre-made theme get your site up and running faster than designing your own. Since there a lot of themes, you to narrow down your choices. Think about the price of the theme, what kind of features does it offer, will the theme work for your website and easy to customize. What To Consider When Choosing a WordPress Theme has seven items to help you find the theme you are looking for.

Once you found a theme or built your own, you may want to enhance it. There are WordPress functions that you can use to make your theme even better. In 10 Ways to Change the Way Your WordPress Site Works With Functions, you can use functions to customize your footer, add Google Analytics, or automate the Copyright Date of your site.
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Database Cleanup

As you add plugins, experiment with widgets or even theme designs, you may notice that your WordPress acts a bit slower that it did when first installed it. You may want to cleanup your WordPress database for increased website performance. Running a cleanup can help get rid of extra items that are no longer necessary and cause performance issues.

Launching a WordPress Website

When you launch your WordPress website, you may forget to do some things. You may forget to fill out the Site Title and Tagline or set the correct timezone. Check out
5 Things You May Forget When Launching a WordPress Website to see if you may have forgotten anything.


Whether you decided to use a pre-made theme or build your own, you’ll still need to customize it. Customizing a theme can mean making simple changes, adding plugins and functions. Whatever you decide to do to make your WordPress site unique, you need to know how to choose a theme, add functions to customize it, cleanup the database occasionally and make sure you double check your site before launching.

What tips do you have for WordPress developers and owners?