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HTML 5 Inspiration

HTML5 BadgeHTML5 can be fun and challenging when you begin to learn how to use it to create your websites. You have new tags and selectors to learn. The way you build your website changes when you use tags like header, footer and aside. You have to build a few sites before you are comfortable with HTML5. Developers like to learn by doing and by reviewing what others have done. Design Modo wrote an article showing you 20+ Professional Examples of Websites Using HTML5. Use these examples to be inspired and to learn how you can use HTML 5 to build better websites and web apps.

Transform WordPress to Use HTML5

HTML5Smashing Magazine’s Richard Shephard walks you through transforming the theme TwentyTen to use HTML5 tags. In Using HTML5 to Transform WordPress’ Theme Twenty Ten, he explains that many developers are not designing in HTML5. He also argues that people who turn off JavaScript are less than 1.5%. If you don’t use JavaScript because of people who might turn it off, than you are limiting your designs. A web page can consist of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to provide an enjoyable experience for your users. Richard shows you by dividing his tutorial by HTML5 tags and providing examples. Why not use JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS to make better websites?

Cheat Sheets for HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

ComputerThere are many cheat sheets or quick reference guides available for web developers. Use the following cheat sheets to quickly learn HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery:

If you need to find more cheat sheet for developers, has them.

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