Computer CodingWhat is a web app? A web app is an application that uses a web browser and technologies to collect data from a user, do something with the data and then return the results to the user. Some websites are web apps, but not all websites are web apps.

Websites and web apps use some of the same web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Many web apps use a database to store and interact with user data. When you build your first or next web app, consider the following tips:

  1. Tips for Building Your First Web App has a list of general tips that both beginners and seasoned developers need to remember when build a web app. Your web app should focus on the data relationship. What data do you take in, how is it presented to your users and what features does it have.
  2. You need to design a good looking web app. Bootstrap is one tool that you can use. Developers can quickly design a web app without having to be a designer too. Vandelay Design has gathered 13 resources to help you design your web app with Bootstrap.
  3. You want your web app to be used by people no matter where they are or how they access it. To do this, your web app must be responsive. Use these tips to make your web app responsive.