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March brings snow

After our March snow, I took a few pictures around town. The snow had made everything look so pretty.

Maple In Front Yard

Maple In Front Yard

Mukwonago Road

Mukwonago Road

Snow On Pond

Snow on Pond

Snow on Trees

Snow on Trees

I used my Canon PowerShot and Android to take these pictures. Can you tell the difference?

Photographing your own background patterns

For certain projects, you may want to use a texture. You have two options: buy one or create your own. When you buy, you take a chance that someone else has used it one of their projects. To ensure that your project is unique and interesting, you can photograph your own textures. Vandelay Design explains How to Photograph Your Own Textures.

After reading this article, I was inspired to take photos to use as textures. I used my Android Phone and Canon PowerShot to take the photos. I used the suggestions by Vandelay Design to experiment with photographing textures. Here are a few results from my experiment:

  1. Oil Parking Lot

    Oil on Pavement

  2. DrivewayCracks

    Driveway Cracks

  3. Salty Driveway

    Salty Driveway

  4. Orange Wall

    Orange Wall

  5. Industrial


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