Have you ever installed or uploaded something to your website that cause an error? It was working fine and then suddenly it wasn’t. You may have tried to fixed it and nothing seems to work. What do you do now?

Andrew Wikel explains how to get help with your WordPress Site. His tips on detailing your issue, what to send to tech support and staying calm can be applied to any type of website. You don’t have to use WordPress to use his tips.

How to get support?

  • Slow down and breathe. Getting angry or mean won’t help solve the problem.
  • Provide as much information as possible.
    • List the steps that caused the problem
    • Include screenshots. Support techs love getting screenshots.
    • If possible, create a video of the problem
    • Include links or url’s to the problem
  • Remember, there is no such thing as too much information.

Don’t forget to say Thanks. You may talk to the same person several times in order to get some problems fixed.

What can I do to minimize issues?

  • Download themes, plugins or add-ons from sources that you trust. If you download them from anywhere, you could end up with more trouble than you wanted.
  • Read reviews on the plugins or themes. Do people use it? Would they recommend it to others?
  • Install plugins or add-ins only as needed. The more plugins you have installed, the greater the chance of one of them causing you trouble.
  • Make regular backups of your website. A backup could help you restore your website after you install some bad code.
  • Ask people you trust for their recommendations. Developers and Designers usually have favorite themes, plugins or places to get them from.


When a problem occurs on your website, remember to stay calm. Take a screenshot or video of the problem. Write down all the step that it took to cause the issue. The more information you provide, the better the chance that tech support or developer can solve the problem. Use code that comes from sources and people that you trust.

What other tips to you have for solving website problems?