BookmarkA short collection of tips and tricks to help you build your business.

  1. 6 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Should have Inc magazine explains that you can develop leadership skills that help you to become a better entrepreneur.
  2. 16 Smarter Ways to use Linked In to Build Your Business You can use LinkedIn for more than just job searching. It can be used to help you build your business.
  3. 4 Simple Ways to Get Customer Feedback Online Every entrepreneur needs to know what their customers think about their business. Here are 4 low cost ways to get feedback.
  4. 10 Tips for Better Startup Marketing Startups can’t rely on just one form of marketing. You can’t put up a website or a Facebook Fan page and hope that your customers will find. You need to go to them using the social media channels that they use.
  5. 7 Ways to Build a Business Around WordPress About 15% of websites are made with WordPress. WordPress is a popular content management tool. They are plenty of opportunities for people to develop a business using WordPress.