3 CSS Techniques To Help Build Better Sites

CSSWhile looking for tips on CSS, I found 3 articles that can help you build better websites with CSS.

  1. As mobile sites and applications become more important and readily used, web developers need to focus on learning how to develop for mobile. Flexible Mobile – First Layout With CSS3 walks you through the design process and gives you tips and hints on designing for mobile.
  2. Every web developer needs a collection of coding techniques. CSS is no exception. At noupe.com, you can grab the Useful CSS Snippets for Your Coding Arsnel. You’ll need a place to save your snippets here are 25 Handy Tools to Paste and Share Your Code Snippets.
  3. @FontFace allows you to specify what font or fonts you want your site to use. The new bulletproof @FontFace syntax shows you how to use it so that it works in most browsers (mobile and desktop) without issues.