As a developer and photographer, an android phone makes it easy to capture photos wherever you are. You don’t need to remember to take your camera with you because it is always with you. When you find inspiration, you can take a photo. Great photos can happen with a cellphone. You can master cellphone photography.

Bright Light

Most photography tips tell you to get the lighting right. Bright light can make your photo look washed out. You can still get good photos at noon. I got this green leaf when walking at lunch. In this case, the shade of the building helped to minimize bright light of the sun.

Green Leaf with Stripes

Color Variations

The shade of a tree helped to create the variations in color for this metal grate. When the sun breaks through the leaves in the tree, it creates a bright pattern of its own on the grate. You can also see the effect of our weather on metal.

Grate in Waukesha


This tree has bark that grows in an interesting pattern. Unlike the other trees in the park, this tree’s bark grows in thin strips and seems to separate. Even though the picture was taken at noon, the shade of the tree helps to minimize the sun’s glare and show the unique pattern of the bark.


Any photo that you take with your cell phone can be a potential background pattern for a web project or shared on the web for others to enjoy. As cellphones become handy replacements for camera, more people can publish their photos on flickr and other photo sharing sites. If you want to do more, you can look for contests or exhibits that focus on cellphone photography.