ToolMost of our days are spent communicating. But are you really good at it? Good communication allows us to sell our work, build relationships and share ideas with others. This list has 3 ways to help you communicate better.

  1. During the day, you may need to communicate in person and digitally. Both methods are needed to communicate in a modern world. A List Apart shares tips on how to become a better communicator.
  2. Web designers and developers can be much better at communicating in code or design. Every day, we need to be able to communicate with people. Here are a few communication tips for techies
  3. Contracts are designed to help communicate the responsibilities of yourself and your client. Unfortunately, most contracts are only understandable to lawyers and meant for reading on paper. Contracts can kill the enthusiasm for a project before it begins. We can design better contracts that are readable to both you, your client and your lawyers.