Want to create images for your projects? Photos and images get shared more frequently than plain text. You want your images to be unique. How do you get started?

Where to get photos?

You have two choices. Use your own photos or someone else’s. Not a photographer? Don’t have the time to take all of the photos you need for your projects? You can use sites that have free photos. There are quite a few to choose from. Some sites and photos have different requirements. You may use some photos in personal and commercial projects. Check each photo on how you can use it to avoid copyright infringement issues.


Here are a few sites to choose from:

Remember, when you use these sites, check the license to make sure you can use it in your project.

What tools can I use?

Once you have the perfect image for you project, you need to change it. If you have a photo editing tool like PhotoShop or GIMP, you can change the photo to look the way you want. Not a designer? You can use online tools like:

What if you want to create a quote photo (Photo with a Quote)? You can use one of these 9 tools to make a quote photo.

No tool is perfect. Each tools has its quirks, You’ll need to experiment to see which tool works for you. By using these tools, you can create images for your web sites or social media projects.

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