New readers come to your website from a post or found your site through Social Media. Do they know where to start? How do you help them learn what to expect? You can create a ‘Start Here’ page.
Start Here

What is a Start Here page?

A Start Here page is a summary of what your readers can expect. You showcase your best work to keep new readers interested in your content.

What should I have on my start page?

  • A summary of what your readers can expect to find on your website
  • Links to your top articles
  • Links to your categories
  • A video introducing your readers to you and your website
  • Links to your newsletter and social media sites

Start Page Examples

Click It Up a Notch

Click It Up A Notch
Click It Up a Notch has the following elements:

  • Summary of what the website is about
  • Links to top articles and resources
  • testimonials
  • a letter to beginning photographers
  • Courtney’s profile and a link to find out about Workshops she offers

100 Days of Real Food

100 Days of Real Food
100 Days of Real Food uses the following:

  • A summary of what 100 Days of Real Food is about and why Lisa started this blog
  • Three different lists of resources to help you to get started with the blog and real food
  • A link to learn more about Lisa Leake
  • A section on sponsors that you might find interesting
  • A footer section that has her newsletter sign up, book and quick links

Y Travel

Y Travel uses the following:

  • A summary of how to plan the perfect trip
  • Three links on Before Your Travel, Travel Research and Planning, and to help you determine your travel style
  • A section that asks you to get started on your travel dreams and join them.

Should your website have a Start Here page?

Is your website a blog? A community site? For blogs and community sites, a Start Here or Getting Started page can be a good tool to have. It helps new readers learn more about you. They can sign up for your newsletter and follow you on Social Media if they like what they see.

Want to learn more about creating effective start pages?

Check out the following resources to learn more about adding a start page to your blog.