WheelAfter getting a HTC Desire, I am learning how to take pictures with it. Using a cell phone to take pictures can be challenging especially when you are accustomed to using a camera. Here are 5 things that I have learned:

  1. It takes time to adjust to taking pictures with my phone. My phone is smaller than my camera. The size of the phone can make it awkward to hold when focusing on your subject.
  2. Not all pictures look good when viewed on a larger screen. Some pictures look good when viewed on the phone and not when viewed on a computer. I have taken a few pictures that came out blurry when I copy them to my computer. PC Mag has 5 Tips for Better Photos From Your Cell Phone’s Camera including how to minimize blurry photos.
  3. Your fingers may be included in the shot. It is easier to include your fingers in the picture. When you take a picture, your fingers my slip into the shot.
  4. You can use it as a backup camera. When you forget to bring your camera, you don’t have to miss out on taking pictures.
  5. You still need to backup your photos. It can be easy to accidentally delete your pictures. As with a digital camera, you will want to back up your photos as soon as possible