When you are developing a website on a budget, you have to spend your money wisely. For a current project, I found these three websites that helped me complete my project with a limited budget.

  1. Morguefile.com is a public image archive for creatives. They offer free photos that you can use in your projects or for inspiration. You can find different types of photos that will fit your projects. These pictures don’t require that you attribute the photo in your design.
  2. Background LabsBackground Labs provides a wide variety of backgrounds, patterns and textures for customizing your projects. You can search the archive by color, type or tag. If you don’t find something that fits your project, you can use Background Labs to inspire you. I was inspired by the colors in one of backgrounds and used it to develop a personal website.
  3. Openclipart.org has free clip art that you can use in your projects. The clip art is public domain unless specified. The clip art is attractive and professional. Your projects will look professional if you decide to use their clip art.