Propert Maintenance TemplatePeople use the internet to search for companies and products or services. If you don’t have a website, than you don’t exist. A one page website can help you to establish your web presence just like a multi-page website can. With a one page website, you can quickly show people who you are and what kind of services or products you offer. A one page website helps people find you while providing you with time to grow into a larger website when you are ready.

Why start with just 1 page?
You may not have enough content for a full website. It can take time to create text, photos, graphics and videos for a website. A one page website allows you to create a simple, yet attractive website that conveys your message.

You’re trying to keep or get your business going. You can’t afford to spend a lot of money or time building a multi-page custom website. A one page website can fit into your budget and schedule.

You want to be found. People recommend companies to their friends and use search engines to research companies. With a one page website, you can link to your social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This helps you to connect to your customers whether they are using Social Networking or a Search Engine.

Who would benefit from a 1 page website?

  • Startups: Young companies who want people to find them.
  • Small Businesses: Coffee shops, boutiques, computer repair and etc.
  • Entrepreneurs: Home based-businesses, artists, photographers and other ventures that need a web presence.