How to Build and Redesign Websites

Computer CodingBuilding a website is both an art and a science. There are new techniques and tricks to building web sites being created. You have to choose which techniques to learn and use. Not all techniques will work for every website. Here is a list of 5 articles to help you improve the way you build and redesign websites:

  1. Tom Milway explains How to Build a Modern Website. He suggests using a mobile first design strategy, making your client have content written first and applying responsive design.
  2. In Zen and the Art of Good Web Design, Pamela Wilson writes that minimalist web design doesn’t have to be boring. She provides tips on how to achieve minimalist design with personality.
  3. Web developers and designers are often asked to redesign a web site. The New Redesign Rules of the Web helps you to decide what you should keep and what you can afford to lose.
  4. Developers can make design mistakes in their web designs. Have you made one or more of these 7 design mistakes?