UXExperienceNotes from the UX Experience meetup:

“Think strategic about UX before designing.”

Perception, Interaction, Emotion/Habit

  • UI is a tool for influencing all 3 (listed above).
  • Perception is the reality of how people perceive you.
  • Things fail when you force people to change their behaviors.
  • UX is business goals, brand strategy and user research
  • It is the design of user emotion, interaction and perception.
  • Through the strategic understanding of what happens before, during and after each interaction.
  • You create. Created about you. Created around you.
  • To be really good at it, there’s a lot to learn. And learning happens in real time.
  • Ask: “if this, then what” or “if this, then why”

Before building

  • What do we need to learn?
  • What does it really mean?
  • How do we deliver?
  • What does it look like?

Questions to ask when designing

  • Who?
  • What? [Customers’ needs, Business Goals]
  • Where? [Location]
  • When? [Time, Frequency]
  • Content, Customization, and Context
  • Why? Is this going to be useful to the customer?

Solving the Why

  • Personas are important *you’re not designing for you.
  • content is relevant
  • focus on behaviors
  • drives the content/messaging/information architecture
  • models the experience
  • keeps the team focused
  • You might make something useful for your customers


  • collect different items for inspiration
  • reverse engineer how a design or brand was created.

What do UXer’s do?

  • expand the realm of what you are designing.
  • Get a client involved by asking questions about what they need not what they want.

UX has niches that you concentrate on: UI, Interaction and UX Strategist

Check out: Adaptive Path, Ideo, onwardsearch.com, UX Magazine