Code listingHow do you build better software? Building better software means knowing why projects fail, making them secure and building a product that people will use. The following articles help you to improve how you approach software development.

  1. Software projects can fail. The way we build software can help to create a project failure. Ulrika Park, Scrum Master at Smart Bear, has complied a list of 50 ways software development can “fail”. She explains what we can do to fix the issue and what we need to stop doing.
  2. When building software or web applications, security can be overlooked. Sometimes you are so excited by an idea, that you jump into writing code that you forget to secure your project. Use these 10 Tips for Secure Development. By keeping your development environment and project secure, you can lessen the cost of dealing with exploited code and reputation management.
  3. Better products consider their users. They choose to use new technologies and programming languages and database that have a supportive developer community. The product is easy to use. Want to build a product that stands out? Here are three tips to build a better product.
  4. When you have poor or badly written code, it can affect the performance of your software. If your users don’t like the performance or even look of the product, you may loose people to your competition. How do you improve you your code? By writing, clean code. Here are the Top 9 qualities of clean code.