Do you want to create a great portfolio website? Mel Choyce, a Design Engineer from Automattic, presented creating a great portfolio website at WordCamp Connecticut. You can watch her presentation on WordPress TV. She also wrote up a summary of her presentation at Choyce Design.

My notes on her presentation:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Let your personality shine through. Use clever microcopy or intro statements, typography and icons or illustrations.
  • Don’t showcase work you wouldn’t want to do again.
  • Less is more, as long as it’s high quality.
  • Explain your process. Your work doesn’t speak for itself.
  • Write case studies. Focus on the problem solved, not the tools that you used.
  • Add any relevant screenshots, mockups or code snippets that help explain your process.
  • Add a link to the final product


Own your portfolio. Your portfolio should be on a domain name that you personally own. Social Media accounts on GitHub, Dribble and others do not count as a portfolio. These accounts should always lead people back to your personal website. Your personal portfolio should let your work and personality shine.

What tips do you use when creating your portfolio?