How can you make your users’ experience better? By using UX Writing, also known as microcopy. It is the small bits of copy that goes unnoticed. When UX Writing is good, it helps guide your users through the user interface of your app or software. They can get things done quickly and easily without frustration or support calls.

5 Tips for Improving UX Writing

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Where do you use it?

You’ll find microcopy everywhere in your interface. Typical uses are:

  • Buttons
  • Headings
  • Success and error messages
  • Form labels
  • Pop-ups
  • Instructions
  • Tooltips
  • Navigation menus

How do you improve your UX Writing?

1. Keep it short and concise

Good UX Writing is short and concise. It helps to guide the user through their task. People scan words when using an app or website. Make it easier for them to understand what is happening.

2. Use simple words

Avoid difficult, technical terms. Use short and simple words. Include action words like save, create or cancel. You want your copy to be clear and easy to understand.

3. Use structural element to make it easier to read

Depending on your copy, you may need to add structural elements to make it stand out. Use a combination of color, icons and bold or italic text for error messages. Headings, numbered or bulleted lists and sidebars for other important information.

4. Edit

No matter what you write, editing makes it better. Edit your copy using a tool like Hemingway Editor to help make it readable and easy to understand.

5. Test

You want to get feedback from people who match your users. Your coworkers may miss things that your users might have trouble with. If they have trouble understanding something, you should rewrite it. Sometimes a different word makes the interface work better.

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