My schedule only allowed me to attend one day at WordCamp in Chicago. I went to the Saturday sessions.

WordCamp Chicago OpeningWordCamp Chicago took place at DePaul University. The website had directions from one of the sponsors, MapQuest. Their directions made it simple to find DePaul University. Once you walked in the conference was easy to find.

My favorite sessions were “Advanced SEO: Thinking like a Searchbot”, “Developing for Success, or Any Fool Can Do This” and the Unconference track “WP Frameworks (or not…). In “Advanced SEO: Thinking like a Searchbot” provided tips talked about how search engines are the new¬† gatekeeper for information and that you should use links in your content because it count more than in the sidebar. Heather Acton led the “WP Frameworks (or not…) Unconference session. The discussion on WP Frameworks was fun. We had a diverse group of people: developers, designers, new to WP and experienced with WP. As I group, we talked about the benefits and challenges of using frameworks. I learned that you need to decide what your projects goals are and then decide if creating your own theme or using a framework is the better option. Frameworks don’t fit all projects. In “Developing for Success, or Any Fool Can Do This”, Brian Richards gave his tips for success by talking about his experience as an entrepreneur and using humor to help motivate the crowd to succeed. He said that “You don’t have to be the best, but you can’t be the worst.” Brian demonstrated that “business = building relationships”.