Bulletproof @Font-Face

CSSYou can use standard web friendly fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Georgia in your web designs. Sometimes your design calls for a more decorative font. With CSS3, you can use a more decorative font without restoring to using images. Web Designer Wall shows you in CSS3 @font-face Design Guide how to use these decorative fonts and provide tips on how to make your designs look good when a browser doesn’t support @font-face. The follow up post @font-face Solutions & Suggestions explains the three main options for implementing @font-face and the pros and cons of each option. If you want to implement more decorative fonts in your web designs, use these two article to help make your designs bulletproof.

5 Tips and Tools for Improving Your Coding

BookmarkA short list of tips and tools that can help you to become a better developer from coding tips to showcases on interface design.

  1. 7 Crazy Tips That Will Help You Become A Better Coder Louis Lazaris explains that you can become a better coder by writing code and solving your own problems, not just cutting and pasting the code of others. He provides some tips for helping you to improve your coding skills.
  2. 10 Web-based Sandbox Tools For Testing Your Code Snippets A Sandbox Tool allows you to test code snippets without having to set up a test website in order to test them. They also allow you to share and collaborate with other developers.
  3. Five Free or Open Source Text Editors For Developers Sometimes, you need a text editor to get certain projects done. Tech Republic has complied a list of open source text editors that you can check out.
  4. 4 Key Considerations for Scaling Your Database Your app may need a database to store information. When choosing a database solution, you want to make sure that it can handle the volume that you place on it. Mashable defines 4 key things to think about when choosing a database solution.
  5. Showcase of Great Web App Interfaces What makes a great web app interface? An app that focuses on usability, simplicity and helps users get the job done. Does that mean that they have to be attractive? Not all useful apps are attractive. These SEO apps are simple, usable and ugly.