Importance Of Estimating

Are you good at making estimates? Most developers find that their estimates are usually low, so they add extra time to ensure that they have enough time to get the project done. At WordCamp Milwaukee 2015, Jess Jurick talked about estimating.

“Estimates: think less as prediction a more of science”

Jess talked about making better estimates, preparing for the estimates, defining the steps involved and how to make an intelligent estimate.

Make Better Estimates

  • Understand the problem
  • Define the details
  • Develop an approach
  • Identify the variables
  • Present a level of effort
  • Revisit and revise as needed

Preparing for an estimate

  • Determine what we know and don’t know
  • More minds = more steps
    Don’t estimate alone!

Define the steps

  • Define the steps
  • Write everything down
  • Get team members to estimate subject matter tasks

Intelligent Estimation

  • Identify pain points and low hanging fruit
  • Define all dependancies
  • Don’t be too granular
  • Provide an estimate that the client can understand

Next time you have to make an estimate, use these suggestions to help you make a better estimate. Remember, you want your estimate to be have more science than a prediction.